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"We are all connected to each other biologically, to the earth chemically and to the rest of the universe atomically. That’s kinda cool! That makes me smile and I actually feel quite large at the end of that. It’s not that we are better than the universe, we are part of the universe. We are in the universe and the universe is in us.”
― Neil deGrasse Tyson

(By Elena Malysheva)
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Astronomy Photo of the Day: 04/19/14 - IC 5068

This is IC 5068, a faint emission nebula (comprised of hydrogen gas clouds), located in the neighborhood of the North American and Pelican nebulae. Specifically, IC 5068 is situated very close to the massive and bright star, known as Deneb.

The nebula is mostly known for the streaks of dark clouds that separate the colorful hydrogen regions, which also cordon the nebula off from its better-known neighbors. (All are located 1,600 light-years away in the constellation of Cygnus.)

From; http://goo.gl/ClB45W

Image Credit: Luca Argalia
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CG4: A Ruptured Cometary Globule
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 Utah - Milky Way  by Jerry Patterson
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The Blood Moon :: (Timothy Green)
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Eclipse lunar 2014
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